Structure of Department

Department structure includes:

1. International Relations and Protocol Support Office:

  • Protocol and visa sector;
  • Sector of business trips;
  • Sector of inter-university cooperation;
  • Sector of organization of international events;
  • Sector of infrastructure support of international events.

2. International Relations Office:

  • Sector of coordination of cooperation with the governmental bodies of Ukraine and diplomatic missions in Ukraine;
  • Sector of coordination of cooperation with international organizations (UNESCO, STCU, EC, UNIDO, UNDP, BSUN, etc.);
  • Sector of media relations on the issues of international activity;
  • Sector of joint international structures:

3. Organizing Office of International Activities

    4. International Projects Office:

    • Sector of international scientific programs and national contact points of EU program HORIZON 2020;
    • Sector of international educational programs (Erasmus+, Fulbright, etc.) аnd interaction with international ratings;

    5. Foreign Economic Activity Office:

    • Sector of customs support;
    • Sector of international transfer of educational services;
    • Sector of joint educational and research structures abroad.

    6. Office of Information Support and Overarching Administration of International Acitvities:

    • Center of information support of international activities

    7. Advisory bodies of International Collaboration Department:

    • The Board of Heads of joint international structures;
    • Council of Deputy Directors of Institutes & Deputy Deans of Faculties, who are in charge of international activity.

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