Igor Sikorsky KPI is international


    transformation of Igor Sikorsky KPI into the international HEI up to high standards of the quality of education and research, achieving the prestigious ranking among the best technical universities that are leaders in the export of educational services

In this context, Igor Sikorsky KPI is the institution that provides an educational service to a wide range of users including applicants for higher education, industry and HIE’s partner, namely the state.

Internationalization of the University is effectuated along the following lines:

  • Teaching process
  • Scientific activities
  • Publicity campaigns
  • Financing
  • Alumni
  • International cooperation
  • Export of educational services
  • Program for Internationalization of the University:

    Програма інтернаціоналізації університету:
    The International Collaboration Department is conducting extensive activities aimed to intensify the internationalization of Igor Sikorsky KPI. The Program for Internationalization of the University has been drafted and submitted for consideration