Partner companies


ibm IBM (International Business Machines) is the U.S. company headquartered in Armonk, New York.

IBM is one of the world largest manufacturers and suppliers of computer hardware and software, offering IT-related and consulting services.

The number of employees amounts to 378,000


img_dev_en_huawei_logo Huawei is one of the global leaders in the field of ICT. The company develops and manufacture networking and telecommunications equipment.

Huawei by the numbers

MICROSOFT microsoft_logo_-2012-svg is one of the largest transnational companies based in the United States that manufactures computer software and develops the ubiquitous MS Windows line of operating systems.


cisco-logo-open-graph CISCO Systems, Inc is the U.S. transnational company that develops and sells networking equipment, which is mainly designed for large institutions and telecommunications enterprises.


siemens is the German transnational concern focusing on the areas of electrical engineering, electronics, energy-producing equipment, transportation, medical equipment and illumination engineering, as well as offering specialized services in various industries including transportation and communication.

In 2016 Siemens was once again recognized as one of the most sustainable concerns in the Industry group “Industrial Conglomerates”, which comprises more than 40 companies including Philips, 3M and Samsung.
Siemens received a very positive overall assessment by scoring 89 out of a maximum of 100 points.


samsung Samsung Group is one of the world’s largest South Korean business conglomerates.

The group of companies manufactures high-tech components, telecommunications equipment, home appliances, audio and video devices.

Samsung is headquartered in Seoul.

The number of employees amounts to 191,000


intel Intel Corporation is the world largest company that develops and manufactures semiconductor products, processors, microprocessors (market share accounts for 75%), flash memory, solid state drives, chipsets, network equipment, motherboards and servers.
PANASONIC panasonic Panasonic Corporation (Matsushita Electric Industrial) is one of the Japanese largest and world leading manufacturers of electronics. The company is the world leader in the development and manufacture of consumer electronics and electronic equipment for a wide range of users including businesses and industries.

The number of employees amounts to 257,533


hp Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) is one of the largest U.S. companies in the realm of IT and cybernetics, which provides computer hardware and software to institutions and individual consumers. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

The company manufactures and supplies solutions in the area of the IT infrastructure, personal computer systems and access terminals, offering system integrator, support and outsourced services, as well as makes printing and imaging systems.

The number of employees amounts to 302,000


delcam_logo Delcam is the British company, one of the world leaders in the development of CAD/CAM software for modelling, manufacture, and control of complex products and industrial equipment.


rigaku-logo Employing over 1,400 people, the company Rigaku of Japan develops and supplies universities, industry, and government labs with integrated solutions across a wide variety of disciplines including structural proteomics, nanoengineering research, general purpose X-ray diffraction and spectroscopy, materials analysis and quality assurance.


festo The company FESTO of Germany is a leading world-wide supplier of automation technologies and the performance leader in industrial training and education programs.

The company is present worldwide in 176 countries including Ukraine.

The number of employees amounts to around 18,800



The company Jeppesen of the United States is one of the world leaders on the market, providing air navigational information. In addition, the company offers flight planning and pilot training services. Jeppensen is the subsidiary of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.