Center for International Education

Volodymyr O. KOVAL
+38 044 204 86 58
+38 044 204 86 59
Тел.факс: +38 044 236 10 63
Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute
5А Mykhailo Braichevskii Street (former name: Metalistiv Street), Building 31
Kyiv, 030561 Ukraine

Core functions of the Center:

  • Conducting public-relations campaigns in various countries and regions of the world in order to attract foreign nationals to studies at the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI), particularly by means of information technologies;
  • Drafting and support of the creation of PR materials;
  • Participating in negotiations between Igor Sikorsky KPI delegations and international partners within the areas of Center’s operation;
  • Carrying out other measures to attract foreign nationals to studies at the Igor Sikorsky KPI;
  • Assisting institutes and departments in the organization of a teaching and educational process, creating favorable social and living conditions for international students, rendering medical services to foreign nationals (on the basis of health insurance policies) as well as meeting their passport and visa requirements, etc. to provide the high-quality education of foreign nationals;
  • Providing methodological and organizational support for the activities of the Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens;
  • Facilitating the collection of incomes from educational services rendered to foreign nationals;
  • Submitting proposals to elaborate University’s framework of legal standards and rules that governs the training, retraining and further training of foreign nationals, as well as to improve the method of payment for educational services.