The integration of the university into the international academic space is made with the purpose of experience exchange with foreign educational institutions and using it for its own purposes to improve the quality of education and the development of science.  Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute trains the best specialists in the technical, liberal and socio-economic areas. Thanks to constant cooperation with internationally recognized universities we can keep pace with the times and comply with the status of a European-type university

For many years, Igor Sikorsky KPI has been developing a network of international links with foreign institutions, most of which specialize in various sciences to promote interdisciplinary learning and comprehensive development. Partners include Germany, Poland, Slovakia, China, Korea, Canada etc. The university has already signed a number of cooperation agreements with universities, on the basis of which our there have been unrolled mobility programs, dual diploma programs, summer schools, grants, etc. This is a great opportunity not only to gain knowledge and invaluable experience but also to develop communication skills, practice foreign languages ​and better understand the values ​ ​ of other cultures.

Among a number of universities with which the Igor Sikorsky KPI has fruitful cooperation: