International Collaboration Department of Igor Sikorsky KPI acts in accordance with the following Laws of Ukraine:

  • “On Higher Education” (Section XIII “International Cooperation”);
  • “On Scientific and Scientific-Technical activities”;
  • “On Foreign Economic Activity”,

as well as other components of the legislative field of Ukraine international direction, including – foreign economic activity.

The main tasks of international cooperation in the field of higher education are support and development of international cooperation, conclusion of cooperation agreements, establishment of direct relations with higher education institutions, scientific institutions and enterprises of foreign countries, international organizations, foundations, etc. in accordance with the law.

Implementation of the main tasks of international cooperation in Igor Sikorsky KPI is formed by groups of events, according to which the structure of the department was formed under the chairmanship of the Vice-Rector for International Relations.

International Relations Bureau

  • International Relations and Protocol Support Office conducts work on registration, organization and support of protocol events, individual grants, foreign internships and business trips.
  • International Projects Office. The University has an “Information Platform of Opportunities for International Project Grants” (“International Mosaic”) – the resource offers convenient tools for authors and project managers who are looking for international partners and form consortia that prepare and submit project proposals for international project granted programs competitions, contains regulations, educational information and methodological materials, characteristics of funds, programs, competitions, grants. Bureau of Organizational and Information Support of International Activities
  • Foreign Economic Activity Office is responsible for expanding the export-import of educational and scientific and technical services based on the analysis of international markets and the search, support and development of partnerships; increasing the efficiency of intra-university organizations and management of foreign economic activity.
  • Organizing Office of International Activities provides contractual activities of the university, the organization of international activities of the university.
  • Center for International Education provides admission to study and supports the educational activities of foreign students.

The university has a preparatory department, where foreign students study disciplines to the extent necessary for further mastery of the university program.

Terms of preparation:

Bachelor – 4 years;

Master (educational and professional program) – 1.5 years;

Master (educational and scientific program) – 2 years;

Ph.D. / Doctor of Science – 4 years

and other centers of cooperation with countries.

The main tasks of the International Collaboration Department of Igor Sikorsky KPI are as follows:

  • Coordination of the international component of the University’s activities in all areas, providing comprehensive assistance to departments in its development.
  • Introduction of the advanced experience of world’s leading universities into the practice of Igor Sikorsky KPI activities.
  • Search for, analysis and selection of the proposals of international partners by the criterion of their investment attractiveness and feasibility.
  • Negotiations with international partners; supporting the drafting of collaborative agreements, protocols and memoranda, etc.
  • Protocol support of international events.
  • Deepening of internationalization, whereby increasing University’s incomes from international sources.
  • Coordination and monitoring of activities of the Center for International Education (CIE), organizing and holding negotiations for training of international students at Igor Sikorsky KPI, the design of measures for an increase in the number of international students to receive training at Igor Sikorsky KPI.