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Admission campaign for Ukrainian citizens 

Admission campaign for international students 

Igor Sikorsky KPI invites students to study at educational levels: 

– Bachelor degree; 

– Master degree; 

– Ph.D. & D.Sc. 

To enter the Igor Sikorsky KPI please fill and send an online-matriculation form and look through Official documents regulating admission to the university on the website 


The university provides training to qualified specialists at all possible levels of higher education which are competitive in the national and international labor markets and can participate in different enterprises of all ownership forms, scientific and educational institutions, public authorities, and management workers, creating conditions for the fulfillment of personal potential and the development of creative skills. 

The forms of higher education are: 

  • Institutional (full-time, correspondence, distance, online); 
  • Dual 

The language of the educational process at the university is Ukrainian, but there is also possible English-language teaching for foreign applicants if there is a possibility of formation educational groups.15 faculties and 8 institutes provide educational services. Learn more about structural units: 


The university implements educational-professional and educational-scientific programs in accordance with the standards of higher education. Educational programs determine the list of main components and the logical sequence of their study, contain information on the number of ECTS credits, as well as guidelines for obtaining high-quality knowledge of applicants according to their degree. A list of educational programs can be found on the site: 

The number of educational programs is 392. 

Foreign students who start education at the Bachelor level have the right to master educational programs in English, the number of which is 24. You can view the list of available educational programs on the website – 

For students of the Master’s level, the university provides 30 English-language programs, more about on the website, and there are 19 different fundamental and natural scientific areas for research by Ph.D. & D.Sc. 

Now the accreditation process of the educational programs is underway. International accreditation is an important stage for our university. It confirms the compliance of the educational programs with the requirements of the European system for assessing the quality of education. Now one of the educational programs, namely “Dynamics and Strength of Machines” of the of the Dynamics and Strength of Machines and Resistance of Materials Department of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering has had an audit by an independent expert group of the accreditation commission of technological universities. Such activities contribute to the international integration of Ukraine and are one of the areas of implementation of European norms and standards in education, science and technology, and extension of its own cultural, scientific and technological achievements in the EU. 

Joint educational centers with international companies play an important role in the educational process. By developing cooperation at this level, we allow our own students to master new skills from interesting and useful resources. The university has already deployed a considerable number of structures beneficial to students, which affect not only the internationalization of our university into the international space but also helps the students to outline their own guidelines and find the right place. Igor Sikorsky KPI graduates become heads of world-famous successful companies, and we hope future students will not lower this bar.