Cooperation with international organizations testifies to the high level of higher education institutions, as well as its recognition on the world stage. First of all, it is the key to a successful future university. It opens up new opportunities and perspectives. Such collaboration can be a platform for finding inspiration and gaining invaluable knowledge. As a result, new ideas are emerging that need to be implemented immediately.

Based on such cooperation, the university has the opportunity to deploy international programs, and participate in various conferences and other events with other leading universities. Our students and research and teaching staff adopt the experience of foreign experts and invest it in their own research, startups, and projects.

Partnership with international organizations in various fields contributes to the promotion of university achievements, knowledge transfer, and technology exchange with business, with public and public sectors, at the interstate level.

Such cooperation provides an opportunity for the university to respond in a timely manner to current challenges, improve skills, and make a promising contribution to the development of the knowledge society.

Active cooperation with partner organizations contributes to increasing the role of higher education institutions, strengthening the internationalization of higher education and research.

Among the partners with whom KPI cooperates. Igor Sikorsky, the following organizations: