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Сooperation agreement signed between Igor Sikorsky KPI and Gyeonsang National University (Republic of Korea)

On April 7, 2022, our university strengthened its position in the international arena by establishing a partnership with one of the famous universities of the Republic of Korea: a cooperation agreement was signed with the National University of Gyeongsang. 

For reference: Gyeongsang National University (GNU) is a public university run by the Ministry of Education of the Government of the Republic of Korea, located in Chinju, South Gyeongsang Province, and is one of the ten flagship national universities of Korea.

GNU is proud of its specialties comparable to world-class universities, such as life sciences, mechanical and aerospace engineering, nanotechnology, and advanced materials engineering. Founded in 1948, the Korean higher educational institution has become the cradle of many prominent scientists in its country.

The agreement aims to strengthen bilateral international cooperation, encouraging, developing, and promoting collaboration by conducting and supporting educational, research and innovation activities. The parties agreed on a number of measures in these areas. In particular, on the conduct of collective work on the development of distance learning technologies, the organization of in-service training of teachers, research,  etc.

Therefore, we expect the cooperation of new bright research projects and active academic mobility for both students and graduate students and teachers.

We are grateful to our Korean partners for their interest in Igor Sikorsky KPI and are confident that the partnership will benefit both parties greatly.