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A young girl from Igor Sikorsky KPI conquers world scientific peaks

According to the Strategy of development during 2020-25 years, In the field of international communications, Igor Sikorsky KPI should implement a deeper internationalization of the university, strengthen the international component in all aspects of  activities, direct research and educational technologies towards the training of competitive professionals to work in global education markets, science and innovation, continue reform according to the research model. The latter include publications in journals indexed in leading science-metric bases. It is thanks to our scientists that our university achieves world success. We are glad that younger generation of scientists continue the fruitful work of their mentors.

We express our sincere congratulations to Yaryna Mamchur. This fragile girl has earned the appreciation of the world circle of scientists. Active and diligent student of the Physical and Technical Institute of KPI headed by prof. O. Novikov. She is a co-author of the article “Ultra-high Q resonances in plasmonic metasurfaces” in the world-famous journal Nature Communication. Such a young and already experienced scientist. Read more…